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How To Register A Device And Use The App


First download and install the app. Then click "Edit Settings"

Choose a name for your phone.

Then choose a unique username and password for your family or group.

Enter an amount of time in minutes you would like the phone to auto-locate and click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the phone.

Then go to a computer, you can use a phone but it is easier from a computer and click this link.


On the page that opens click "Register Your Device"

Once that page opens enter the same "Username" and "Password" you entered on the phone. That phone will then be registered and you can navigate through the options on the website. To add another phone repeat the process with the same "Username" and "Password" then those phones will be added together become a group account.

To see all the members in the group click on a name. You can then select a phone in the group. For example if you are locating the name you select will be the phone shown on the map. An example is below. In each of the websites options you will select a phone, perform the chosen option in this same manner.

´┐╝Last remember there is no visible icon to click to reopen the app it is a semi hidden app. To access the settings again you must dial 777..